meelarts les acteurs Eddy Maniez

Eddy Maniez …

Painter, sculptor, visual artist, born on January 6, 1969 in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

Today, his eyes sparkle. Mischievousness and passion combined by an innate taste… of innovation!!!!

He is a self-taught man, attracted by forests, approaching teenage period and professional life. His various experiences have never drift him away from an astonishing artistic path… From his first bas-relief, the figurative art in mind, to animal kingdoms, adorned with silicone and SWAROVSKI® crystals elements, his talent in its raw state, gets purified over the years. The designer, became sculptor and now visual artist, is nowadays admired and coveted! His journey is far from over. After his instinctive creation of a spectacular fresco on a ceiling; Reason, such as Irrational, hosted in his imagination, not devoid of “sweet crazinesses”, with his own artistic way of life, Eddy Maniez will ever surprise many art lovers!!!!


Since the first masterpieces have been on sale, Erwan Langlois fell under the spell of Eddy Maniez’s animals They looked so original and prickly therefore he invested for his own home interior. He followed the artist, regularly discovers new artworks and frequently makes new acquisitions until the day their paths cross each other.

Together, they exchange about their passion for the artist’s artworks, then start dreaming. They imagine majestic animals made of original colors, with extraordinary appearances. They are thinking big and far, it is at this very specific moment they decided to quit their respective jobs, to join forces and embark on the Meel Arts adventure.

meelarts les acteurs Eddy Maniez et Erwan Langlois

Birth name

Date of birth

Place of birth


Maniez Eddy, Bernard, Marc

January 6, 1969

Grasse, France

Submariner on the Indomptable (nuclear submarine), for two years
Forester (NFB) for fifteen years


Grasse, Brest, Saint-Auban, Escragnolles, Spéracèdes, Fayence, Draguignan, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and back to Fayence

Main Activity




Visual artist, painter, sculptor

Georges de La Tour, Nicolas De Stael, Van Gogh, Vassarely, Klein, Kons

Curious about everything

Nature; Forest and its smells, its colors, its mysteries

Leisure activities


Hiking; Theatre; Cinema; Literature

Need to surprise